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Palawan Butterfly Ecological Garden and Tribal Village: 1st stop of Puerto Princesa Tour '2014

Posted by Free-Spirited Vixen (Juliefe Cuenca) at 11:26 AM
      We paid only Php1,500 (for the van with driver) for a half day tour of Puerto Princesa. Since our group had around 10 members, it only cost Php150 per person. The tour was already inclusive of the ffg places:

1. Palawan Butterfly Ecological Garden and Tribal Village
2. Iwahig Penal Colony and Farm
3. Crocodile  Farm & Nature Park
4. Mitra's Ranch
5. Baker's Hill
6. Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral
7. Plaza Cuartel
8. The Baywalk

    Our first stop was the Palawan Butterfly Ecological Garden and Tribal Village. We paid 30 pesos per person for the entrance fees. We weren't really excited at first as we thought that this will be just another butterfly sanctuary similar to those present in other places. But boy, were we wrong!
      Aside from the usual butterfly sanctuary, the garden also presents many species of lizards, insects, crocodiles, and the like. The picture shown below are just samples.

    This is the Palawan Bearcat According to the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, the Palawan bearcat is also known as the Malay civet cat. It derive its name from the tiny sac or gland near its tail that contains civet, a valuable odorous substance used as a base for the world's most expensive perfumes. It is a nocturnal animal with a long husky tail, tufted ears, small eyes, naked soles and palms, a small pointed face and elongated body.

     It is grayish in color and feeds on fruits and meat. Its habitat is in the deep forest, but it also ventures to more open locations, especially when looking for food. A curious combination of stealth and charm with its deceivingly cuddly appearance, natives warn that it is quite vicious when cornered.
 Aside from the garden, the place also has a tribal village where visitors are allowed to have a glimpse of the behavior and way of living of some of the local tribesmen. A post by the entrance area states as follows:
      "Palaw'an is one of the many indigenous people of Palawan that have been living in the province for thousand of years. A few traits and trades have been preserved since younger generations are nw adopting to modernization. the Tribal Village is to preserve hose remaining traits and trades and by its Cultural shows.  
        Visitors will get a rare chance to interact with these native people that still holds pure Palaw'an bloodline. Visitors will learn the Palaw'an way of hunting survival, handicraft making, daily life and even the Palaw'an way of hanging out."

Here are some of the tools of the Palaw'an
Samples of their musical instruments and weapons
 They were really fast in making a fire!
 There is also this really long snake for visitors to touch and take pictures with.
    After the lesson, one of the natives went to this "cottage" and played with a musical instrument. The guide told us that each tribal family stays in the village for 2 weeks, then another family takes their place. Donations are greatly appreciated since this will be for the benefit of tribal family who depends primarily on hunting and a little farming for their sustenance.
Our 2nd stop is the Iwahig Penal Colony and Farm.


emi zhan on December 13, 2015 at 10:57 PM said...

Hii, I'm going to Puerto Princesa Feb 2016 with 11 people in my group. Can I know where you rent the van? is it available on airport ? How many hours needed to going around all these 8 places ?

Unknown on December 14, 2015 at 1:09 PM said...

hi emi zhan, in our case, it only took us around 6 hours since we didn't stay in one place for a long time (except for the Baker's Hills, we couldn't help it hehehe). i still have with me some business cards given to us while still in Palawan. try to contact these #s 09097007198 (Dionel Gujelde); 09159155053 (Bong Puyawan). I don't know how much they charge though if you'll be fetched from the airport. In any case, you can also try searching the internet for tours :) - freespiritedvixen :D

emi zhan on December 14, 2015 at 6:45 PM said...

Thanks for your information @freespiritedvixen :D

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